Ghostbed is made from a three-layered mattress. The three layers are consist of rubber, active foam, and high-density polyfoam. The combination of these layers will give you comfort and firmness while sleeping, your body will balance perfectly based on pressure relief and support.

For more information read aspects about the bed below:

Covers: The covers of this mattress is made of a mixture of raw viscose and polyester. The cover is thin enough to be breathable and soft in touch.

Comfort Layer: The comfort layer is made up of Aerated latex foam. This layer is 1.5 inch in size. Its responsive bouncy material gives great mobility. Mobility is enough to move across easily and change positions without any hesitation.

The Aerated latex cools down naturally thereby, your body heat will be spread uniformly all over the mattress.

Latex is common in all mattress because it cools down very well and they are breathable. Also, being a durable material adds an advantage to the mattress's durability.

Contour layer: beneath the Comfort layer there is another layer that will work as a memory layer. The contour layer of the ghostbedmattress is made from polyfoam jelly which gives great satisfaction while sleeping on it.

This layer gives a good feeling of elasticity and great bounce-back response. This prevents the low temperature of the bed from reaching our body.

The ghostbed mattress works well forback sleepers, They can sleep well without any hesitation because of the firmness of the bed. Promoting a straight spinal alignment with nice support will prevent backache. Mattress gives constant soft pressure on the lower back.

We do not recommend this mattress for people for:

  • Ghostbed will be too soft for a side sleeper as they will be uncomfortable.
  • Not recommended for people who sleep on their tummy because it will be too squishy for them.
  • People with restless partners should not try this mattress because of its high-transfer motion, which means you will feel uncomfortable because of their partner’s restless motions.

    How this mattress will work for lightweight and heavyweight sleepers

    The comfort will be different due to the weight acting upon the mattress. One may not like the squishiness of the mattress while some will feel satisfaction while sleeping on this mattress.

    This mattress is better for people who are less than 130 lbs. They will be comfortable in this bed because their weight would be enough to give themselves a warm comfortable feeling.

    For the back sleeper,this mattress will work well their body will get formed in a comfortable shape.

    The bouncy response will be great due to the proper weight acting on the mattress.

    ghostbed mattress reviews will work well for heavy sleeper too (above 130lbs). They may prefer this mattress because of its rubber layer which will surely give support through out their sleep at night and fine pleasant sleep.

    For Heavy sleeper who moves quietly too many times at night, they might not like it in first time. For such heavy sleepers it may take time to get comfortable.


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